about michael palomo

About Michael Palomo

Bold visionary. Multi-sector investor. Problem Solver. Serial entrepreneur.

michael palomo

Michael Palomo is an investor who focuses on solving the tough problems facing business owners, such as improving cash flow and becoming more efficient & cost effective, so they are successfully able to grow their business, get off the ‘cash flow rollercoaster’ and create a more stable way of life for themselves and their loved ones.

Michael is an expert in property acquisition and investor relations.  His intricate knowledge of market trends has enabled him to efficiently generate revenue for myriad partners. With his business experience that spans across multiple industries, Michael has played a key role in revitalizing a number of businesses for more than two decades.

Michael is fearless in his investments. He has played a key role in the recovery of several businesses. In addition to a unique skill set, Michael leverages a bold creative vision with his existing SWOT team (business network) to create new opportunities for growth. From healthcare to education, construction to commercial real estate, and most recently, the energy sector, Michael’s extensive knowledge in strategic investment planning has led to the establishment of a number of successful organizations.

In addition to ventures in the business realm, Michael recognizes the importance of community. His non-profit work seeks to empower young entrepreneurs through education and mentorship.

What Is MPact Ventures?

Michael Palomo is the CEO and founder of MPact Ventures. Born and raised in South Texas, Michael displayed a passion for entrepreneurship at a young age. This entrepreneurial drive is the result of countless hours in research, negotiation, and implementation of comprehensive business strategies.

MPact Ventures is all about solving problems facing business owners and giving back to the community.

  • Mission:  To help business owners improve their business value by creating & improving systems & processes for long term cash flow or sale.
  • Vision:  To use my business acumen in understanding market cycles, cash flow strategies, & Business Building Methods, along with my Business network, to positively impact the lives of business owners by sharing stories, videos, and case studies of my experiences.
  • Goals: To consult with and/or partner with business owners to help analyze the current state of their business.
  • Objectives: Provide content on this site based on my experiences so others can learn from my experiences.
  • Passion: My passion is helping people be better both in business and in their community so they can make their MPact and create a legacy. 

Whatever problem is facing you in business, Michael Palomo can help!